Airbnb is all about the interaction between those who open their homes to travelers and the people who are welcomed there. So allow us to introduce you to our family and be assured of our commitment to providing you the best care during your stay! 

Bill and Diana Price - Owner and Hosts of Sunset Villas Vacation Rentals


Bill and Diana were born and raised in the Los Angles area, becoming childhood sweethearts and marring in 1958. Making their way down the coast with daughter Allegra, they settled in Carlsbad in 1970. Bill has worn many different hats over his long career including being a Contractor, Jeweler, Home Health Caregiver and currently Plumber/Handyman. When he's not fixing things he enjoys writing poetry, however his passion is the Bible and serving as a Elder in their local Congregation. Diana enjoys gardening and is a true patron of the arts. They often enjoy going to live theater productions and symphony concerts. 




Allegra Price Garrett - Interior Decorator/ Website Designer/ Advertisment & Social Media Coordinator


Daughter Allegra was raised in Carlsbad and is a wife and mom to David & Aislynn Garrett. Allegra has a flare for design and took on the challange of redecorating the 3 Sunset Villas units and more recently The Arbour Apartment.  Professionally, she spent 10 years as a Hair Stylist before taking on duties as a full time Mom. Always looking for new ways to improved the ambiance and style of our accomodations, she also oversees Advertising, Social Media and Website Management.  Exploring the propertyyou'll find handmade custom signs and several furniture pieces she's refurbished. Allegra's outside interests include traveling (of course!), learning about cultures and religions of the world, anything creative, science fact & fiction, and her spiritual persuits as one of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Wendy Price Navarrete and Terry Price - Housekeeping Specialists


Niece Wendy is a vital member of the team, making it her personal goal to present each Villa in the best condition possible. Her attention to detail has repeatedly been praised in our guest's notes of appreciation after their visit. Wendy was also raised in the Los Angles area by her parents Steve & Terry Price and has two wonderful sons in their 20's who make her proud everyday. She spent 20 years in the restaurant industry and eventually followed her parents move to Oceanside. She later became a Pre-School Teacher and continues to Nanny on a part-time basis. She also enjoys gardening and is a natural organizer, which makes her the perfect fit here at Sunset Villas!

Mom Terry is also a great helper during the busy seasons and her support is enormously appreciated!


It is our firm belief every traveler is due kindness and respect, without exception. We make it our aim to treat our guests like family and happily make every effort to give you the best vacation rental experience that will keep you coming back again and again!